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Article 1 – General info

1.1 LCUBE Consulting LLC (“LCUBE”) has its offices in Tokyo, Japan. The company manages the website, (hereafter called "the Website").

1.2 LCUBE is committed to safeguarding your privacy in compliance with privacy rules, and especially with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) (hereafter called "GDPR"), this privacy policy provides information on how LCUBE collects and process your Personal data.


Article 2 – Collected information

2.1 LCUBE may collect different types of personal data (“Personal Data”) such as basic information about you including but not limited to your name, address, email address, phone number, job title, company name, gender, date of birth, IP address, nationality, etc.

2.2 LCUBE may process data about your navigation on the Website ("Usage data"). This Usage data may be processed for the purpose of analyzing the use of our Website and services and seeking ways to optimize your experience.
2.3 Personal data collected:

  • when you give to LCUBE your Personal data during conference, events, meetings, etc.

  • when you navigate on our Website

  • when you voluntarily complete a web-form on our Website

  • when you voluntarily submit an application through filling out an automatised web-form via an external provider and/or you share personal documents via external cloud services

  • when you ask questions about us and/or our activities

2.4. By providing your Personal data to LCUBE (during meetings, events, by subscribing to our newsletters, etc.) you recognize that LCUBE has a legitimate interest to process such Personal data.


Article 3 – Purpose of personal data processing

3.1 Generally, LCUBE may use the information collected from you in the following ways:

  • To inform you about events, courses, activities, through newsletters or invitations;

  • To answer your enquiries promptly and provide consulting services that meet your requests;

  • To collect your feedback on our services and improve them

  • To assess your application for participating to one of our activities and to organize your participation.

More specifically:

3.2 When you complete an event/webinar webform either to register as an attendee or to submit documents as a speaker, we will use the information and any documents you provide to process your participation in the event/series of events.

3.3 We will use the information you provide to assess your eligibility for the activity you applied for and determine whether you can be allocated a place on said activity, and - if so - to process your participation in the activity.

3.4 When you complete a webform to request a publication or to be added to a mailing-list, we will use the information you provide to judge your eligibility and, where applicable, to process your inquiry and register your interest in receiving future publications/notifications.


Article 4 - Cookies

4.1 A cookie is a small text strip that a website sends to browser and saves on the User’s computer when visiting a website. Cookies are used by LCUBE in order to let the Website work properly or to improve its performance. In general, cookies may be used for both technical and additional purposes: while technical cookies are used as they are strictly necessary for the technical working of the Website as well as to provide the service expressly requested by the User, as better illustrated hereinafter, cookies used for additional purposes (for example analytical cookies) may be used to carry out analysis, in order to improve the contents in line with the preferences expressed during surfing, as indicated below.

4.2 Technical cookies / session cookies

Technical cookies are fundamental in order to allow the User to move within the Website and to use its services. These cookies are strictly necessary and are used to store a single identifier in order to manage and identify the User as unique with respect to other users who are visiting the Website in the same moment, in order to provide the User with a consistent and accurate service. Moreover, these cookies might allow the Website to remember your choices (for example language, country of origin, etc.), to allocate requests on multiple servers, to store when the User gives his/her consent to certain options, to allow the User to view contents and videos using Adobe Flash Player.  

The storage of session cookies in terminals or browsers is under the User’s control, whereas on the servers, at the end of the HTTP sessions, the information concerning the cookies stay recorded in the service logs, with storage times in any case (and depending on the functionalities of the Website, such as a login function) no longer than 2 years as other surfing data. These cookies do not need the User’s consent.

4.3 Third parties’ analytical cookies

On the Website, LCUBE may use in the future third parties’ analytical cookies, for the purposes mentioned above. In order to get information on how these cookies work, their nature, and the way by which they can be managed as well as to disable them, we suggest you to check the third parties’ privacy policies and the cookies options which will be provided to you in this section should LCUBE choose to adopt them.

4.4 Disabling cookies via browser 

The User may also delete the cookies created by the Website through the settings of his/her own browser.

The majority of the browsers are set to accept cookies. However, the User may set his/her browser to limit the number of cookies accepted or block all cookies by changing the browser settings as follows:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 

Click the “Tools” symbol in the top right corner and select “Internet Options”. In the pop-up window select “Privacy”. Here the User can change the setting of the cookies. 

  • Google Chrome 

Click the “adjustable spanner” symbol in the top right corner and select “Settings”. Now select “Show advanced settings” and change the “Privacy” settings. 

  • Mozilla Firefox 

From the drop-down menu in the top left corner select “Options”. In the pop-up window select “Privacy”. Here the User can change the settings of the cookies. 

  • Safari

From the drop-down menu in the top right corner select “Preferences”. Select “Security” and here you can change the settings of the cookies. 

However, it has to be highlighted that disabling the use of all cookies on the Website (including technical cookies) will compromise some of its functions.


Article 5 – Third-party disclosure

LCUBE does not sell any of your Personal data to third-parties. LCUBE may transfer your Personal data to its partners only to achieve its corporate purpose (e.g.: sharing your Personal data with the co-organizers of an event).

Article 6 – Opposition right, access to your information, correction, erasure and limitation of the processing

In accordance with article 15 of the GDPR, you have the right to request a copy of the information that LCUBE holds about you. In accordance with article 16, 17 and 18 of the GDPR, you may ask LCUBE to:

  • correct the information you think is inaccurate;

  • erase your Personal Data; and

  • to limit the processing of your Personal data.


Article 7 – Personal data retention

LCUBE can retain your Personal data during a period not exceeding what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or for which they are processed.


Article 8 - Changes to the privacy policy

LCUBE keeps its Privacy policy under regular review and will place any updates on the Website from time to time.


Article 9 – Links to other websites

This Website might contain links to other websites. The links are provided to assist visitors to this Website and the inclusion of a link does not imply that we endorse or have approved the linked site.


Article 10 - How to contact us

If you have any questions, you may contact LCUBE using the online form.

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